Eleni Duplessis M.A. is Sports Manager. She has the 5th Dan in Taekwondo, is Reiki Master and Qi Gong-Instructor.


Prior to 1992 she has been gaining experience in fields connected to «International Relations» (Journalism, Interpreter, and Lecturer) and in 1992 she decided to dedicate herself on a full-time basis to Taekwondo.


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Sports' Career:

1987 Martial Art Εducation in Taekwondo
1990 National Referee (Greece)
1991 1st Dan (Black Belt)
1992 2nd Dan
Instructor Licence C
1994 3rd Dan
1996 National Referee (Germany)
Examination Supervisor 
1997 Instructor Licence B
1999 Instructor Licence A
2000 4th Dan
2001 Sports' Manager
2007 5th Dan

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